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Style is one thing, but you can never have style until you are totally comfortable with whom you are. Oscar Jacobson clothes have that magic thing; they let you be you. How is that possible? This is a secret, but we’ll let you know: it’s about fit and tailoring. The better a garment suits you, the better it fits, the better it falls over your shoulders, the better it feels on your back, the more comfortable you become.

That’s why Oscar Jacobson is very meticulous about details, fitting and tailoring the old way (with stitches rather than glue). When you feel what you are wearing, it seldom feels good. But when you don’t think about it, when you can walk, sit and move without having “something in the way”, that’s when you can relax. That’s when you can… “not give a damn”. And that’s how it feels wearing Oscar Jacobson – your invisible friend that lets you be you.

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